Pre-Basic English is the Foundation course in Spoken English for absolute beginners. Here we start from scratch and build the foundation for effective English communication. This course is suitable for learners who had little or no exposure to English in past and want to Improve their English communication skills now. ​

The key focus areas of Pre-Basic English course are:

  • Building a strong fundamental vocabulary with 3000+ most used English words
  • Everyday fundamental English Vocabulary
  • English Conversation Skills
  • Etiquette & Manners
  • Fundamental Sentence Structures in English
  • Basic Spoken English Grammar
  • Verb Tenses

Spoken English Course for Absolute Beginners

​Course Duration: 2 months (Monday to Friday – 2 Hours)
Free Workshops on Weekends.
Timing: Flexible (7 AM- 9 PM)