Intermediate English is the Spoken English Course for learners who can understand English quiet well but find it difficult to speak. With such learners we focus on building confidence, improving pronunciation and sentence structures, developing fluency and accuracy. Most of these learners have done their schooling with Hindi as a medium of learning but later in Graduation and/or Post Graduation, English became their language of study. Many such learners also have their peculiar regional accent.

  • Improving sentence structures.
  • Developing fluency and accuracy.
  • Constantly upgrading the vocabulary.
  • Use of idioms and phrases while speaking in English
  • Neutralizing any regional accent
  • Getting familiar with American and British English Accents & developing ability to understand them.

English for Those Who Understand English but Find it Difficult to Speak

Course Duration: 2 months (Monday to Friday – 2 Months)
Free Workshops on Weekends.
Timing: Flexible (7 AM- 9 PM)