Most of us have
learned English as a second or third language and never really paid attention
to basic sounds. As young learners we mainly learned English for writing our
exams and never really used English as a language for communication. But it’s
high time we do that in order to neutralise our

Learn Basic English Sounds- English has 48 key sounds including 44 phonemes
and 4 blends. You can watch this simple video here on YouTube for all 48 sounds. 

Listen to Native/Neutral
to native or neutral speakers will help you improve pronunciation of words you
already know but pronounce incorrect. You will also learn correct pronunciation
of new words. 

Tongue Twisters- Tongue twisters are funny sequence of words or
sounds, that are typically difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly. For
example, Upper roller lower roller. Practising tongue twisters is
particularly helpful when you have a mother tongue influence (MTI) in your
English. Practice speaking a sound and follow it up with a tongue

Listen for Pronunciation- Whenever you listen, pay special attention to
the pronunciation of words.

Listen & Repeat- Listen to speeches by native or  neutral
speakers and repeat with them (not after it). You can pause and repeat until
you re confident. Use YouTube to find speeches of your interest, download and
keep repeating with the speaker until you are confident. Download another video
and do the same. 
If possible, Learn Phonetic
is a phonetic language, which means that it is written differently and spoken
differently. English has 26 letters whereas 48 sounds, so the 48 sounds are
denoted through 48 symbols which are called Phonetic Symbols. If possible,
learn phonetic symbols, because when you look for a word in a dictionary, it
shows its phonetics next to the word. If you know them its easier for you to
learn exact pronunciation. 

​Check Pronunciation Before You
Start Using a New Word- 
Whenever you come across a new word, along with its meaning; check out
its correct pronunciation, before you starting using it. 

If you follow above mentioned tips regularly,
over a period of time you will see significant improvement in your
pronunciation ad in long run you will end up neutralising your
pronunciation and accent. Happy Learning! 

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