Want to improve your English speaking skills? Looking for the best Spoken English Training Institute
in Noida?
Visited many English speaking institutes in Noida and still disappointed?
Look no further, you have come to the right place: English Caffe.
Located in the vicinity of Noida Sector 18, English Caffe is the most student friendly and one of the
best spoken English training institutes in Noida Sector 18. At English Caffe, Noida we offer courses
that help you improve your spoken English, communication skills, soft skills and develop a positive
personality. With just one course you are able to speak English fluently, communicate confidently in
various life situation, speak confidently in public, communicate impressively in interviews and at
your workplace.
You might think, there are many Institutes for spoken English in Noida, so what makes English Caffe
the best spoken English training institute in Noida Sector 18. Here is what makes us the best:

  1. Communication Based Learning: Most of the English speaking institutes in Noida and
    elsewhere in India fail in bringing real improvement to their student’s skills because their
    classes are grammar and theory based. Primary focus is on delivering grammar and
    translation and there is hardly any time dedicated to speaking activities. On the other hand,
    at English Caffe we believe that you need to communicate more and more in English to
    actually improve your English language skills and we know that you don’t get that
    environment and time outside your classroom. Keeping that in mind, we invest more than
    75% of your classroom time in different speaking activities. The activities include
    conversations, story-telling, group discussions, debates, chain speaking, experience sharing,
    role-plays, speeches, extempore to name a few. A lot of speaking everyday makes English
    Caffe undoubtedly the Best Spoken English Training Institute in Noida Sector 18.
  2. Learn Grammar in Use: We also discuss grammar with you but the grammar you learn
    strictly grammar in use in speaking. We don’t get into any depth of grammar topics as it’s
    not required. What you need to know is how to use what. And that’s what we focus on. We
    know that your time is valuable and you need to make the best out of it.
  3. Individual Attention: There are several Institutes for Spoken English in Noida but how many
    of them offer individual attention? At English Caffe we conduct classes in small batches. The
    maximum batch size is 10-12 students, hence each student gets individual attention from
    the trainer. Each student gets feedback everyday and each student gets a lot of time to
    speak inside the classroom. That’s another fact that makes English Caffe the Best Spoken
    English Training Institute in Noida Sector 18.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice: As a student at English Caffe, you get to practice a lot. You
    practice speaking, you practice listening, you practice reading, you practice pronunciation,
    you practice singing, overall you get ample opportunities to practice different English
    language skills.
  5. Learn 7-days a Week: We are open all 7-days a week. Apart from your regular classes, you
    get opportunities to practice English speaking on weekends for free.
  6. Regular Class Audits: Your classes are audited regularly by our training head and your
    trainers also get feedback regularly on how to make the classes even better and we
    constantly work on improving and improvising our training quality and training methods.
    This way we make sure that we are your ideal English speaking institute in Noida sec 18.
  7. Competitions & Fun Activities: At English Caffe, we regularly conduct competitions and fun
    activities to keep you excited, competitive and engaged in learning. As a student you get
    opportunities to participate in competitions such as singing competition, story telling
    competition, speech competition to name a few and the winners are always rewarded with
    exciting gifts.
  8. Weekend Free Practice Sessions: We conduct free speaking sessions on weekends for all our
    students so that you can come and practice English on weekends as well. The more you
    practice, the better you become. Apart from that we also conduct extra classes for various
    grammar topics on weekends.
  9. Weekend Workshops for Professional Skills Development: In addition to your regular classes,
    extra classes and free speaking sessions, we conduct workshops on various professional
    skills on weekends. The purpose of conducting these workshops is to help you develop
    various professional skills to help you grow in your career. The workshop topics include
    interview skills training, soft skills training, personality development training, body language
    training, e-mail writing, telephone etiquette, time management to name a few. The
    workshops remain free and open to all our current and past students. English Caffe is the
    only English speaking institute in Noida that offers so many things and works so hard to help
    you succeed.
  10. Free Life-time Membership to Weekend English Club: After you have completed your course
    at English Caffe and after you have improved your English, you still need to practice the
    language. For that, we offer you a lifetime membership to our weekend English club so that
    you can keep practicing at English Caffe for as long as you want.

We offer all of the above and a lot more. Summarizing everything in just one article is very difficult.
To know what else makes English Caffe the best Spoken English Training Institute in Noida, visit us at
www.englishcaffe.in or call us at 8826262712.