Different Needs- Different Courses

At English Caffe, people come to us from all walks of life and across all proficiency levels in English, starting from absolute beginner to someone who is fluent. Therefore, we have categorized our Spoken English & Communication Skills courses in 4 levels, based on a learner’s existing proficiency in English. This allows us to train people with similar skills sets together and help them build on their existing skills. This leads to highly effective and result oriented learning.

When you visit English Caffe, you go through a written test followed by a spoken test. we assess your range of sentences, vocabulary, understanding of grammar, pronunciation and fluency in English. Based on your performance in both the tests, we determine the level best suited for your improvement and that’s the level you enroll into. The 4 Levels are listed below:

  Level 1: Pre-basic English- Foundation Course for Absolute Beginners to Build the Foundation  
  Level 2: Basic English- English Course for Learners with Limited Exposure to English  
  Level 3: Intermediate English- English for Those Who Understand English but Can’t Speak Fluently  
  Level 4: Advance English- Spoken English Course to Master the Art of Communication  

How does the course help ME?

You improve your accuracy, fluency and confidence while communicating in English and take your English language skills to the next level. You build these skills in a natural communication-based learning environment. Since over 90% of our students are career oriented working professionals and are serious about their career growth, we conduct free workshops on professional skills on weekends. In these workshops you also learn and develop many professional skills such as Interview Skills, Personality Development, Body Language, Soft Skills, Professionalism, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills to name a few.The workshops are open and always free for all our past and current students.

The Spoken English & Communication Skills courses at English Caffe

Once you join the course, we are available for you all 7 days a week.

If you enroll for a weekday course, you attend your classes regularly, two hours everyday from Monday to Friday and there are extra classes, different speaking activities (group discussion, debates, outdoor speaking etc.) and free workshops for professional skills on Saturdays & Sundays.

If you enroll for a weekend course (available only for Intermediate English and Advanced English), you attend 4-hour classes on Saturdays & Sundays. You can also participate in outdoor speaking activities and free workshops on professional skills.

Class Timings:

There are 6 batch timings for Weekday courses.

Morning Batches:

7 AM-9 AM

9 AM-11 AM

11 AM- 1 PM

Evening Batches:

3 PM- 5 PM

5 PM- 7 PM

7 PM- 9 PM