Improve Your Pronunciation with These Simple Tips

Most of us have learned English as a second or third language and never really paid attention to basic sounds. As young learners we mainly learned English for writing our exams and never really used English as a language for communication. But it’s high time we do that in order to neutralise our pronunciation. Learn Basic English Sounds- English has 48 key sounds including 44 phonemes and 4 blends. You can watch this simple video here on YouTube for all 48 sounds.  Listen to Native/Neutral Speakers- Listening to native or neutral speakers will help you improve pronunciation of words you already know but pronounce incorrect. You will also learn correct pronunciation of new words.  Tongue Twisters- Tongue […]

5 Reasons Stopping You from Improving Your Spoken English

Given the educational, career and social requirements, most of us have tried to improve our English speaking skills at some point in life. Whereas everyone wants to speak English fluently and confidently, not many are able to achieve that. We Best english speaking course in Noida Today we would like to list 5 reasons that stop us from improving our English speaking skills and later discuss how we can overcome: 1. Lack of Burning Desire All of us realize that it’s important to improve our English speaking skills and we NEED to improve however, not many of us actually WANT to improve. Due to this lack of desire from within […]

7 Reasons You Should Improve Your English Language Skills

English undoubtedly is the lingua franca of the world and we use English all over the internet & social media. Apart from that English is required for education, learning and development. Here are 10 reasons you should consider improving your English language skills: 1. For Higher Education In most of the top universities, colleges and schools, English is the medium of instruction and examination. Which makes proficiency in English a pre-requisite to do well in studies.  2. For Jobs Abroad Many of us want to move to the western part of the world for better jobs and higher pay. In order to get a decent job and survive we certainly need English language. 3. To […]

Best English Language Training in Noida

Want to join classes to learn English in Noida? Looking for the best English language training  in Noida? What should you look for in an English training institute? In this article we are going to help you figure out how to select the Best English Language Training in Noida or anywhere else in the world. First of all let’s understand how we learn a language. Think about how you learned your mother tongue? What did you learn first? Grammar? The answer is: no. You learnt your mother tongue by listening to other people around you speak and just started copying them. You listened and spoke all the time and in no […]

Personality Development Institute in Noida

A positive and dynamic personality and effective communication skills are your first and the most important tools to grow and succeed in life. Ironically, our education system fails to address this as the main focus is on learning from the text books, memorizing, cramming etc.and as a result we are not at all equipped to face the real world and professional situations and challenges by the time we graduate from the school, college etc. However, when we start working, we realize that we need to work on developing a better personality in order to survive and grow in our professional life. Do you feel the same way right now? If […]

English Speaking Institute in Noida

Want to improve your English speaking skills? Looking for the best Spoken English Training Institute in Noida? Visited many English speaking institutes in Noida and still disappointed? Look no further, you have come to the right place: English Caffe. Located in the vicinity of Noida Sector 18, English Caffe is the most student friendly and one of the best spoken English training institutes in Noida Sector 18. At English Caffe, Noida we offer courses that help you improve your spoken English, communication skills, soft skills and develop a positive personality. With just one course you are able to speak English fluently, communicate confidently in various life situation, speak confidently in […]