Want to join classes to learn English in Noida? Looking for the best English language training  in Noida? What should you look for in an English training institute? In this article we are going to help you figure out how to select the Best English Language Training in Noida or anywhere else in the world. First of all let’s understand how we learn a language. Think about how you learned your mother tongue? What did you learn first? Grammar? The answer is: no. You learnt your mother tongue by listening to other people around you speak and just started copying them. You listened and spoke all the time and in no time the language came naturally to you. That’s how it works with learning any language. There are four ways we use a language or in other words there are four language skills i. e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. To become proficient in any language, what we need is to practice these four skills regularly. That’s it. So simple. However in our academic life we mostly think of English merely as a subject not as a medium of communication and that’s the reason despite having English as a subject throughout our school life we never actually become fluent in English. As adults when we enter the workforce, it is expected that we should be able to speak comfortably in English language and when we are unable to do that we think of seeking professional corporate English traininginstitute best suited for our requirement. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when you are looking for an institute to learn English in Noida? Training Quality: Whether you are looking for a corporate English training institute, corporate English trainer or business English training, training quality is what matters the most. So make sure that you research about the institute before you decide to join it. Read reviews about it on google, facebook and other online and social media platforms. Visit the institute and understand their training quality, ask for a demo class if possible and join only when you are 100% sure. This way you can zero in on the best English language training in Noida for you according to your requirement. Courses: Most English training institutes either offer one-course-for-all or just two courses: Basic English or Advanced English, but that’s not how it works. It’s not like you are either a basic level learner or an advanced level learner, there are multiple stages in between. There are primarily four levels of English language learning aspirants; absolute beginners, people who can understand English but have limited exposure, people who can speak but are not fluent yet and people who are already fluent but make some mistakes or are not confident. People at these different levels have different training needs and requirements and have to be trained in different groups. So keep this in mind when thinking about the best English language training in Noida for you. Batch Size: Batch size is a very important factor to consider when looking for a corporate English training institute or business English training institute. If the batch sizes are too big, you will not get enough time to speak in the classroom and getting ample time to speak in the classroom is most important to improve your English speaking skills. Training Methodology: Most institutes that offer courses to learn English in Noida, follow a traditional grammar and translation based approach to English language training which is not effective at all. The most effective training method is communication-based learning method. The best institutes follow a blended approach where the key focus is on communication along with practice-based grammar and vocabulary lessons to internalize the language. Whether you are learning general English or business English the fact remains the same. The training has to be in a communicative format. Training Hours: Number of training hours is another very important factor to consider because the more the training hours the more exposure you get to speak in the classroom. No matter how good the training quality is, if you don’t get enough time to practice, you can’t improve your English speaking skills. So carefully consider training hours before joining an institute. Feedback: You should be able to get individual feedback regularly in order to work on your skills. Fee: Fee is another factor you should consider before you join an English speaking institute. The fee should be affordable for you so that it doesn’t burn your pocket. If you consider all the above factors when you are researching for a good spoken English institute in Noida, you will be able to make an informed decision which will help you improve your skills indeed. At English Caffe, we offer courses while considering all the above factors carefully and that’s what makes us the most student friendly spoken English institute in Noida. Learn more about us at www.englishcaffe.in or call us at 8826262712, 8826262714, 8826262718, 9650285262