Basic English is the Spoken English course for learners who can read and understand some English but can hardly speak anything in English. The goal of this course is to help our learners strengthen their English basics and develop confidence for speaking in English.

The key focus areas of Basic English course are

  • Strengthening basic grammar concepts to develop confidence.
  • Various speaking activities to practice the use of verb tenses, prepositions, conjunctions etc.
  • Improving conversational skills through role plays.
  • Audio-video activities to improve listening skills.
  • Speaking games and situations to develop fluency.
  • Assignments to mix English in the students’ daily lives.

Spoken English Course for Learners with Very Limited Exposure to English

Course Duration: 2 months (Monday to Friday – 2 Hours)
Free Workshops on Weekends.
Timing: Flexible (7 AM- 9 PM)