EnglishCaffe: Your Career Growth Buddies

Hi, Welcome to English Caffe

Noida’s Most Student Friendly Spoken English (English Speaking) & Communication Skills Training Institute.

Started in January 2014, with just one classroom, English Caffe had a very humble objective: to provide quality English language training at an affordable fee. Since then we have grown multitudes and have realised that there is a lot more we can do to help our learners. Over the last 6 years we have helped over 7000 individuals improve their communication skills in English. At the moment we get over 200 trainees at our two centreseveryday for our Spoken English & Communication Skills Courses.

English Caffe: Not Just a Spoken English Institute

We have realised that most of our trainees are learning English to grow in their careers so along with Spoken English our trainees learn several other career skills such as Interview Skills, Personality Development, Body Language, Soft Skills, Professionalism, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills to name a few.

Our Training Quality

We believe in complete transparency and hence all our sessions are recorded audio-visually & the classes are audited regularly to ensure that our training quality is always excellent. Our sole mission and motto is to ensure that our trainees are worth their weight in gold and are the assets of their organization post training. ​

What Really Sets Us Apart:

What really sets us apart is our obsession with individual improvement and growth. We are obsessed with making sure that each individual who enrols at English Caffe, gets significant improvement in their English, personality and overall communication skills. Keeping that in mind we have our course extension policy, which allows a student to continue learning beyond the minimum course duration without having to pay any extra fee.

Our Locations:

At the moment we havetwo centers in Noida located in Atta Market& Sector 22, both in the heart of Noida, so commuting is veryconvenient from any part of Noida.

Our Mission:

To help people grow in their life by improving their English language & communication skills.

Our Vision:

To become the most loved and preferred English Language School of India.

Our Team:

Like our beginnings, we all come from quiet humble backgrounds and have learnt English as our second or third language. We know what it takes to master a language as an adult since all of us at English Caffe have experienced it first hand and that’s what makes our courses really effective.

We are a small team of people who are passionate about helping others succeed and realize their goals, through our training programs. We are not just trainers but perpetual learners. We get trained rigorously and continuously at English Caffe so that our training quality gets better each day.

What’s YOUR Objective?

So, why do YOU want to improve your English or communication skills?

Are you looking for your first job?

Do you want a promotion?

Do you want to change and get a better job?

Do you want to socialize confidently?

Whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place. Let us help you achieve your goals.

What Next?

Meet us for a free level test and counselling session at your nearest centre. We are available all 7 days a week. Click here for our locations and directions.

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