Given the educational, career and social requirements, most of us have tried to improve our English speaking skills at some point in life. Whereas everyone wants to speak English fluently and confidently, not many are able to achieve that. We Best english speaking course in Noida Today we would like to list 5 reasons that stop us from improving our English speaking skills and later discuss how we can overcome:

1. Lack of Burning Desire

All of us realize that it’s important to improve our English speaking skills and we NEED to improve however, not many of us actually WANT to improve. Due to this lack of desire from within many of us never make any real progress.

2. Focus Only on Grammar

A lot of us Indians have grown up feeling that the day we know all the grammar, we will be able to speak English fluently. Truly speaking that’s what always stops us from using the language and since we don’t use English to communicate, we never actually improve in it.

3. Fear of Humiliation

In India, we are taught English as compulsory subject in Private as well as Government schools, hence we have already built the base in terms of vocabulary and grammar by the time we graduate from school, however, many of us feel that if we try to speak in English, people will laugh at our mistakes so we never even try.

4. Perceiving English as Something Evil

I come across many people who know that they need to improve their skills to grow in their careers but still connect it with Colonial Period and British Rule. They also believe that having to learn English make them feel like we are still ruled by British. So their internal friction keeps them from improving.